Monday, December 06, 2010

All I Want For Christmas...

...are more Weight Watcher points. :-)

I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and signed myself back up on the online Weight Watchers program. If you remember, that's what I did after Ian was born (well, ok, about 10 months after he was took me longer to get back on the wagon that go round.). I lost 35lbs then, so it works. Yes, it works.

This time I don't want to lose that much, but I do want to get back down to what I was when I got pregnant with Elijah. SO...that means I have about 15 more lbs to go. I've already lost 6 since I started, which is amazing to me considering that it's A.The holiday season and B. I haven't been exercising at the gym regularly.

Weight Watchers has also switched over to it's new Points Plus program, which basically means that fruits and vegetables no longer have points (a zero point banana?!?! now THAT could change my world...) but other foods have more points than they used to. Seems like they're looking more at how many carbohydrates and protein a food has when the points are being determined, too.

I'm not planning on hitting the weight loss too heavily until after Christmas, because I know that it just won't come off that quickly until then. There's just too much good stuff to be had! I figure that if I follow the plan pretty closely during the week and do whatever I want over the weekends that I shouldn't do too much damage, and may even keep losing a little.

I'm also looking at joining a new gym. The gym I'm currently a member of has consistently disappointed me over the years...for lots of different reasons. It really bugs me, for example, that of the 6 overhead TV's you have to watch...2 of them are set to different ESPN stations...1 is set to MSNBC...1 is set to E! Entertainment (at the time I go to the gym, there's nothing on but infomercials)...1 is set to some financial news network...and 1 doesn't work. I've asked multiple times for them to at least change one of the stations to a local network so I can watch the news in the morning, to no avail. The "guy that does that" is never there, and apparently he's the only one with the magic knowledge available to make that happen.

So far I've visited a Golds Gym and a World Gym (which I think maybe used to be known as Crunch Fitness???) and haven't made a decision yet. I like them both for different reasons, so I think it will come down to who has the better deal (Golds)...even though World has the built-in TV screens on the cardio equipment (I've been dreaming of going to a gym with that little perk for a long time...)

Anyway, here's to better health this year!

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The Butchers said...

Sar - 3 words - Main Event Fitness. working with pro-wrestlers? you can't beat it.